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March 14th, 2012

Words Wednesday

Before I launched my first product, the Cot Wrap, I spent years dreaming about that first sale.  When it finally happened, it was a truly amazing feeling.  I still get a warm feeling when we take on a new stockist, export to a new country or get a great customer review.  But making sales are now an everyday occurrence, and I don’t get that ‘buzz’ which I did with the first one.

Back then I had a lot more time than I do now: I had a seamless business plan, I spent hours reading parenting forums to see what people were taking about, did lots of running and spent every day with my son (who is now in nursery 4 days a week).  All things which I didn’t know that I’d miss until they were gone.

Of course, running a successful business isn’t a bad thing and I’m not complaining, but wish I had enjoyed the ‘ride’ more.

Is there anything which you wish you had enjoyed more?

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