Testimonials – Cot Wrap

4-sided Cot Wrap – 4.7 out of 5 stars, 55 reviews

“This cot wrap is excellent lovely soft material ideal baby can still see through the sides without grabbing the rails.”  Big Mamma

“After researching for a long time got this as my little girl kept banging her head on the cot rails. I was too worried about conventional bumpers as she sleeps snuggled up into the bumper. This was ideal solution as she condo this without any worries.”  Farhana

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2-sided Cot Wrap – 4.6 out of 5 stars, 62 reviews

“This product has been so useful to us. My son started to turn in his sleep and ended up with his head touching the cot bars. I was worried about him hurting his head and then a friend recommended I buy breathable cot bumpers. I have not been disappointed. It’s also useful for keeping dummies inside the cot and making sure arms and legs don’t poke through!”  Claire225

“This item was reccomended by a friend as our 21 month old daughter kept losing her dummies out of the cot bars. After doing some research into the safety I bought them. The material is soft & breathable & if our daughter tried to climb out using them they would collapse under her weight.  Easy to attach & clean & most importantly they keep dummies etc in the cot – we’ve had no late night wake ups in over a month! We will be purchasing another set when our newborn goes into his cot :)”  Leoni

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Product Tested By Jen Gilroy – Grace 7 Months (5 out of 5!)

“Looked a little plain in the packet. Packaging enabled the buyer to clearly see what they were buying. Instructions were very easy to follow. Product was fairly easy to fit into the cot, however there was quite a bit of excess material, however the length of the bumper is what enables it to fit in any cot. This product was excellent as it enabled a smooth transition from mosses basket to cot. This is because the bumper makes Grace feel cosy as it surrounds the whole of the cot, not just the top/bottom like standard bumpers do. Unfortunately the old bumper never got used as this was far better, although not as colourful. Quality is excellent. A little pricey when you compare other products, however this wrap surrounds the whole of the cot. I would buy and have even recommended it to friends. I have also advised friends this is a great product as it keeps any pacifiers/dummies from falling out of the cot! This is Excellent. Overall the wrap was simple to put into the cot and gave grace the feeling of being secure. Its’ good for babies who like to throw their toys/dummies, as it prevents them from falling out of the cot! It would be nice if the wrap came in a variety of designs, but the cream colour suited our nursery.”