Safety – Safebreathe toys

Safebreathe™ Hoppy and Patch have been made with the aim of being the safest toys in the world.  Made from specially designed Safebreathe™ fabric which has an outer surface of 100% cotton, the toys have been designed to maximise breathability and to be the perfect first comfort object for baby.

Our fabric:

Top Layer

100% Cotton mesh, beautifully soft next to baby’s skin

Middle Layer

Thousands of rigid interwoven fibers, providing breathability and cushioning

Bottom Layer

Open weave mesh with large holes to allow air to pass through

The Inside

The toys are stuffed with Hollowfibre, a hypoallergenic filling which has air pumped into each fibre during the spinning process

Asthma and Allergy-friendly

Our toys have been tested by Airmid Health Group where they were kept in a dust chamber for 4 weeks.  After removal from the chamber, all dust was able to be removed.  The toys were therefore deemed to be compliant with the asthma & allergy friendly ™ Certification Standard.

The Allergy friendly™ labelling and care code guidelines are as follows.

  • Wash every 4 weeks
  • Place in freezer for 24 hours at -20°C
  • Wash on cold cycle
  • Tumble dry

In addition, the toys have been tested to En-71 and are compliant with the new EC Toy Safety Directive.