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March 5th, 2012

Mumpreneur Mondays: would you like to only work 4 hours a week??

One of the great things about running a business is having the flexibility to take time off when you need to (which is great for parents).  However, our work schedule can easily end up as shown above:  lots of anti-social hours.

As a result, I found myself being drawn to this book:

We can all dream right?

Although the title is clearly just a gimmick to draw you in, Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-hour Work Week actually talks a lot of sense.  The principle behind the book is that in order to work less, your business must be highly automated and run itself.  This is done by outsourcing everything and getting the outsourcers to deal directly with each other rather than coming to you when there is a problem.  You can even outsource personal tasks like paying bills and organising parties to Indian virtual assistants who charge around $4 an hour.

Tim Ferriss is also a good example of how persistence can pay off; the book was apparently turned down by 14 publishers before eventually becoming a best-seller (could have been something to do with the original title which was Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit!).

The book has clearly struck a chord:  Tim Ferriss has over 130,000 Facebook likers and although I haven’t read his latest book, I enjoy keeping an eye on how he markets himself: for example, you can download the first chapter of the latest book simply by ‘liking’ his Facebook page.

However, I’m pretty sure all that marketing takes longer than 4 hours a week.

Image credit :  Design Love Fest 

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