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My son is 22 months old. Since he was 3 weeks old he has had a small blue elephant comforter. It has an elephants head and a small blanket body with arms. Even now he refuses to sleep without it, and although I am happy for him to sleep with it now I was terrified of leaving it with him when he was younger, however he would not settle without it. For the life of me I could not understand why no-one had designed a safe breathable comforter for babies.

When my son was around 15 months old my Mum was sent a new ‘breathable’ baby toy to review for her website. She told me about it before she had received it and I couldn’t wait to get it as it sounded exactly like what I was after. My Mum was sent ‘Hoppy’, one of two new toys brought out by a company called ‘Safe Dreams’ whom I had purchased breathable cot bumpers from in the past (so I was already familiar with the type of product they make). When Hoppy arrived I was really suprised at how big it was. He is a white rabbit with a green scarf and green inner ears. The rest of it is white with black eyes and mouth. It is made from a 100% breathable material which is much like layers and layers of mesh and a hollowfibre filling with a soft mesh cotton exterior. The other toy they make is ‘Patch’ which is essentially the same toy but with a small grey tail, grey inner ears, grey paws and a grey eye patch.

You can quite literally squash these toys up as hard as you can to your face and you can still EASILY breathe through them. They have gorgeous long arms, legs and ears which are easy for small hands to grab at. They are very light and they are lovely looking toys. You can put them in the washing machine and the tumble drier so they are just as easily washed as a normal blanket style comforter.

I now have a 3 month old daughter and I have left Hoppy in her cot from birth and she loves him, she has lots of fun cuddling and chewing him. Unfortunately these toys came in a little too late for my son whos undivided love is still for Ellie the elephant, but I did buy him ‘Patch’ who he does let sleep in his bed too.

I would recommend these to anyone with a baby and is looking for a safe toy they can let them sleep with. I would give them to your baby as early as possible as from very very young my son took a liking to his elephant and stuck to it. Nothing comes between him and it. I have bought pregnant friends these as gifts as they make fantastic presents.

These toys retails at around £15, which may seem like a high price for a toy, but in my opinion these are the best baby toys ever invented and the peace of mind that comes with my babies having these in their beds rather is priceless.

Summary: Peace of mind for every parent


From Facebook

“This is my daughter, Hollie, with the Hoppy I won in the bump competition!! She absolutely adores him! Thankyou!! :) Jo Sturridge

“Thanks for hoppy & patch my twins love them. so much so slept through properly last night woohoo :-) also as they’re cuddling them they can’t poke their arms through the bars anymore – bonus!”  Lucy Benton

“Can I say, your photos don’t do justice to your products. I was at the PPP award testing yesterday and fell in love!”  Anne-Marie Carlin

From JoJo Maman Bebe

“Fantastic product – when you press the teddy against your mouth you can literally breath through it! So much happier leaving this in the cot with my little one :-) It looks good too!”  Julie

“This will be the first review iv left on a site, probably prompted by finally finding a toy for my 4 month old to keep him company at night without having to worry. Will definitely be buying patch so he has the pair. Excellent toy that is not only safe but looks stylish too. ” Peter



  Ease of Use: 5 out of 5
  Value for Money: 4 out of 5
  Quality: 5 out of 5
  Overall score: 5 out of 5

“Really lovely product”

I gave this lovely rabbit to my daughter to snuggle at night. She immediately took to it and smiled when she cuddled up to it. I was confident in leaving in her cot during the night as it was breathable and safe. A fantastic product.

Member review by noel – Dad of 3 – review date 30th July 2012

  Ease of Use: 5 out of 5
  Value for Money: 5 out of 5
  Quality: 5 out of 5
  Overall score: 5 out of 5

“Fab and practical”

This little bunny was fab – my 7 month old girl loved it (as did her little boy friends)! It has decent sized limbs for holding and chewing on with the reassurance of it being breathable! This was the first toy I have been brave enough to let her fall asleep with and she seems to love it! Also, it is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer – as it is white, it will need washing quite regularly but a really great little toy.

Member review by Helen – mummy to 1 girl – review date 18th July 2012

  Ease of Use: 5 out of 5
  Value for Money: 5 out of 5
  Quality: 5 out of 5
  Overall score: 5 out of 5

“so cute”

Well what a lovely surprise! Hoppy is so cute! My 5mth old daughter took to him straight away. The breathable fabric really does give you the confidence for your little one to have him in their cot overnight. Each bit is made with the same fabric. The design is perfect for little hands to grab and little gums to chew on. Lovely to watch :-)It’s a great way for them to entertain themselves when they first wake up too.
We took Hoppy on a trip to my girl’s best friend who is a couple of months older. Well, my daughter didn’t get a look in as Emily stole Hoppy straight away! It was very funny though as by the end of it they both had a leg, an arm and an ear to play with and Hoppy withstood a mighty beating without a scratch or tear on him! My daughter is actually taking a nap with him right now, and he is definitely going to be her sleeing buddy for a long time to come as he is really standing up to the challange.
As you can probably tell I am rather impressed with little Hoppy. So much so I will most definitely be buying either him or Patch for my best friend whose second baby is due in December!

Member review by Son – Mum of one awesome girl! – review date 12th July 2012

Innovation category tester feedback (unedited):  

“not to big, well made, can be washed in the washing machine! shame it only comes in white I felt confident in letting my baby sleep with it in his moses basket knowing it is made of breathable fabric. It’s also reasonable priced so a product most people will be able to afford It will give them peace of mind knowing they can let their children sleep with it”

“washing machine washable not as soft as usual cuddly toys only one colour this doggie was very much appreciated. It’s good that you can stick it in the washing machine and in the drier. I felt safe in letting him nap with it they will feel more at ease at letting their children use it as a comforter because of the breathable fabric.”

“My daughter loves ‘Patch’.  When I first saw it I thought that maybe the teddy should have had a bit more to it but as soon as my daughter saw it she really fixated on it and was smiling for ages.  I now think that the fact it is very plain colours and the fact patch is what he is makes it so brilliant. My baby is only 4 weeks and Patch is the first toy she has taken to, it is a perfect size so we can take Patch everywhere for the little one and to know that she is completely safe lying next to him in her Moses basket is excellent. We love Patch.  I will definitely recommend this product and buy a Patch or Hoppy as a present for a newborn.  My little one is very attached to him and smiles away for ages.  I think it is because of his simple colours and textures, that is what makes him wonderful.  To know that your baby is completely safe with this product is very reassuring and I feel is very innovative, a brilliant idea that I have never come across before.  All in all a great product! ”

“Lovely design, material adds a nice texture and feel for little fingers. Bad points I personally would of liked more colour as this product is very pale, my daughter loves bright eye catching things, This is a strong durable product that I feel could with stand living with children, floppy has been washed and dried ( he dried very quickly) a washable product is always great with little sticky fingers and accidental sick moments. This is a lovely toy perfect for any little one I’d defiantly buy it as a gift form newborn. The breathable material is an excellent idea perfect for little ones who love to snuggle with blankets and cuddly toys close to their face.”