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January 21st, 2013

Snowman Ideas

We ran a competition on our Facebook page to find the best snowman.  The standard of entries was very high and there were some fantastic ideas.  Below are some of the best.  If you are looking for snowman inspiration, look no further:

This elegant snowcat was by Joy Dehany.

A family of snow people by Lucy L Richards.

A leaning snowman, by Kellie Faggle McIntyre.

Cute, by Kirsty Wiltshire.

A snow dragon, by Joy Dehan.

An upside-down snowman by Melinda Alcaraz Holohan

A teeny-tiny effort from Tina Mansfield.

Snow penguins, by Caroline Kelly.

Another upside-down snowman (with such a sweet looking family), by Anna Warner.

Slippy, by Nicola Stott

And the winner – snowbathing, by Sophie Griffiths.  Well done Sophie!

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