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April 8th, 2013

I love your style

For anyone in a fashion rut (let’s face it, aren’t most of us after having children?), New York socialite Amanda Brooks book may be just the medicine you need.  I spotted it on Pinterest last last night, got my copy from the bookshelf and felt reinspired to get out of my tracksuit bottoms.

Although incredibly glamourous, Amanda Brooks isn’t shy about sharing her fashion disasters, she even includes photos of them in her book, but somehow this honestly makes us trust her advice even more.

The aim of the book is to help you to discover your own style, making it easier to get dressed every day and to reduce all the ‘clutter’ from your wardrobe, i.e. impulse buys that you never wear.  The book covers different styles such as high fashion, street, minimal and bohemian.  It is packed full of images: both vintage photos of 60s stars such as Catherine Deneuve and newer ones of supermodel Kate Moss and director Sophia Coppola.  It is a nice book to have on your bedside table just to flick through the images every so often.

Grab I love your style on and be inspired.  Who says mums have to be frumpy?


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