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February 2nd, 2014

Dear Matilda Mae

One year ago today a beautiful little girl who we met at the Baby Show passed away.  It was a huge shock to everyone who knew of her mum Jennie, including myself and my friends who run small businesses as Jennie was a huge supporter.  We are taking part in a letters project, you can read more letters here.


Dear Matilda Mae

I was used to meeting lots of cute babies at the Baby Show but you were someone who stuck in my mind long after the show.  You were so happy and smiley, an absolute joy to meet.

Hearing that you had passed away last February was a huge shock.  Your mum is incredibly articulate and reading her painful words was very sad.  In the same situation, many would have retreated from the world and suffered in silence but what your mum has done since has been truly wonderful.  She has raised so much awareness and funds for the Lullaby Trust in your name, which means that you have truly made a difference and saved lives.  What an incredible legacy.  Your mum is truly an inspiration.

Rest in peace Matilda Mae.


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