About Us

Safe Dreams are dedicated to making the cot a safer place, giving parents extra peace of mind and helping everyone to get more sleep.

The Cot Wrap®

The Cot Wrap® is the brainchild of mum Louise Guinda, who came up with the idea after a horrifying experience when her son Ali was a newborn.

"Like many parents, I assumed that because cot bumpers were so widely available, they must be safe. But one day when Ali was around 5 months old, I found him blue in the face and struggling for breath because his face was pressed right into the bumper. It was a horrible experience and I immediately removed the bumper.

However, Ali then started to wake up several times a night with his arm or leg stuck through the gaps between the cot bars. For months I searched for a safe solution, but was surprised and frustrated not to find one.

After more than a year of product development and safety testing, the Cot Wrap® finally launched in November 2010. Although Safe Dreams began on my dining room table (check out the day STV News came to visit!), the Cot Wrap® is now the best selling cot bumper on Amazon.co.uk, has won numerous awards and is exported throughout Europe."

Safebreathe™ toys

I was worried about leaving any soft toys in Ali's cot because of the suffocation risk, but he looked so lonely in his huge cot bed without any cuddly friends. This gave me the idea for Safebreathe™ Hoppy and Patch, toys which are made from 3D airmesh and stuffed with hollowfibre in order to make them as breathable as possible. Hoppy and Patch are also fully machine washable, which is great if you have a family history of dust allergies as I do.

Hoppy and Patch launched in August 2012 and were immediately snapped up by high-street store JoJo Maman Bebe. The toys have received interest from all over the world after being awarded the Silver Kind + Jugend Innovation Award in 2011. We are now busy designing new friends for Hoppy and Patch - watch this space!"